Doudou Mouse Puppet


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Cheerful and fun, Doudou Puppet Mouse is much more than comfort and reassurance. Plump and plush, Mouse engages and stimulates baby with it's soft mint tones and opulent fabrics. When you use her as a hand puppet, baby's little friend comes alive! As one of several choices in the 'Petites Chansons' range from Kaloo, the English translation is 'Little Songs' and the Doudou Puppets are designed to compliment the hanging music boxes based on French nursery rhymes. Their tummies are embroidered with images from the rhymes so they can be paired together to tell a story. But toys are designed for imagination and there are plenty of English stories and nursery rhymes in which this sweet little mouse puppet can be used for open ended play. Coordinating patterned fabric on the feet, scarf and tails, the puppets are eco-friendly as they are filled with stuffing created from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Thanks to the contrasting images and materials, Doudou Puppet Mouse from Kaloo is a sensory delight to help develop sight and touch, and when play is finished for the day, they make the ideal teddy for snuggling with at nap or bedtime. Easy-care machine washable, inspiring and nurturing, Puppet Mouse is the perfect choice for newborns or a christening gift.

Dimensions: 24cm x 9cm x 24cm

Age Range: 0 years+