Sommeil Sheep Fleece Musical


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Soft, white and fluffy - everything a lamb should be! And just like Mary's little lamb, the Sommeil Sheep Fleece Musical will follow their new friend everywhere they go. Doux Sommeil translates to 'sweet sleep' and the range is specially designed around the sleep theme, encouraging positive bedtime rituals that can be implemented from birth and beyond. New parents will love the nurturing comfort of sleepy sheep who holds the moon in her hands and thanks to the attached ribbons, she can be carried and hung anywhere to help baby fall asleep peacefully. Gently pull on sheep's pompom tail to hear 'Hush Little Baby', an ideal lullaby to calm and soothe baby as they drift off to sleep. Her glow in the dark tag will provide assurance during the night and with her gorgeously tactile and fluffy fabric with high end detailing and finish, you'll need to cuddle her yourself to understand how truly beautiful she is.

Dimensions: 11cm x 7cm x 20cm

Age Range: 0 years+