Stimuli Doudous Set


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Let baby discover the different textures and patterns on the Kaloo Stimuli Doudou's. Handy fabric ties allow you to hang them from the cot or pram, or simply sit them by baby to explore their surroundings and be surprised by what they find! There are crinkly sounds on sleepy cat, and see if you can tell which is heavier, furry cat or corduroy cat! Perfectly sized for little hands, the set has sensory combinations of textured fabrics to develop motor skills and awaken baby's sense of touch. High contrast colours and polka dot prints are especially designed for baby's vision capacity. Designed in collaboration with early years therapists, the Kaloo Stimuli range supports baby at every stage of their development through a variety of sensory motor games and is packaged in an FSC customisable gift box.

Dimensions: 14cm (box 28cm x 4cm x 18.5cm)

Age Range: 0 years+